Our residential property management services apply to all forms of residential investment properties and include the following:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of your property and advise on suggested market rentals and appropriate letting strategy
  • Market and show the property to prospective tenants
  • Our advertising includes listing your property on our website/Property24/Gumtree, circulating the listing to our extensive database of potential tenants and displaying it on our “to let” board at our CBD office.
  • Screen all applicants by means of credit checks using the TPN (Tenant Profile Network), FICA compliance, personal/character references, employment confirmation, previous landlord/agent referral and income confirmation.
  • Place a tenant who meets the pre-determined criteria and tenant profile of your property.
  • Negotiate the deposit, rental for the lease period and associated tenant costs.
  • Upon receipt of deposit and associated costs, draw up a lease agreement and ensure correct signature and administration of the contract.
  • Where logistically possible we meet each tenant for a face-to-face signing of the lease agreement to ensure understanding of all terms and conditions contained therein.
  • Manage tenant’s deposit in our Trust Account in line with Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) requirements.
  • Arrange and conduct the ingoing and outgoing inspection of the property with the tenant and send a copy of this report, which includes all the details of each room and photos, to the landlord.
  • Negotiate lease renewals and rental increases with the tenant.
  • Do a comparison report of the tenant’s ingoing and outgoing inspection, send a recommendation to the landlord regarding any damages/repairs to be done and distinguish between damages and fair wear and tear.
  • Collection of monthly rental and credit control of late payment/non- payment of rental.
  • Strict and timeous action taken for late rental payments with letters of demand being sent.
  • Payment of property related expenses on behalf of the landlord, as agreed.
  • Payment of rental collected into the landlord’s account around the 10th of each month.
  • Monthly owner statements reflecting property’s income and expenditure emailed and/or posted monthly around 13th of each month.
  • Arrange, supervise and pay (on behalf of the landlord) for approved repairs to property.
  • Project management of any major renovations
  • Advise on legal options available to the landlord in the case of the tenant breaching the lease agreement and, on instruction, hand the matter over to the nominated attorney.
  • Attend Rental Housing Tribunal disputes on behalf of the landlord, if requested.
  • Arrange insurance cover over the property including insurance/replacement cost valuations by our valuation division.
  • Reconciling of tenant’s deposit following lease obligations being fulfilled.
  • Day-to-day management of tenant calls, enquiries and handling any property related issues that may arise.
  • Weekly visits to the investment apartment blocks within our portfolio with feedback to the landlord.
  • Assist with sourcing a suitable cleaner/caretaker in the case of investment apartment blocks and negotiate duties, hours and terms of the contract which we conclude on behalf of the landlord.

Meet our team:
Nina Vass Residential Division Manager nina@steer.co.za
Blocks of flats
Melissa Cullen Portfolio Manager melissa@steer.co.za
Daleen Barnes Portfolio Assistant daleen@steer.co.za
Kim Meyer Maintenance Administrator kim@steer.co.za
Jodi John Advertising/Applications jodi@steer.co.za
Single units
Teresa Hamilton Portfolio Manager teresa@steer.co.za
Natlie Dickins Portfolio Assistant natlie@steer.co.za
Wedaad Boltman Portfolio Assistant wedaad@steer.co.za
Cibyl Appolis Advertising/Applications rentals@steer.co.za
Thembi Gobeni Credit Control thembi@steer.co.za
Shamier Manuel Property Inspector shamier@steer.co.za
Ikraam Diedricks Property Inspector ikraam@steer.co.za