Our body corporate/homeowners association/share block management division has a specialised approach to this individually tailored service. 

Our portfolio managers together with their support staff provide all of the services and responsibilities required of trustees/directors by modern legislation.   This role includes the most important financial management services up to financial statements, secretarial services and even includes advice on property maintenance as an additional service.   We see our management responsibilities as an opportunity to educate, upskill and strive for a smooth management relationship between owners / trustees and trustees / managing agents.

Our passion is to educate our owners, which has seen us being involved with new developments from the “off plan” purchase phase through to the inaugural meeting of all owners.   Our existing portfolio is diverse with a healthy blend of residential, commercial and retail schemes, often in a mixed environment of residential / retail or commercial / retail / residential.  We are proud of many of the schemes that we manage, which extend to The City Bowl, CBD, Atlantic Seaboard, Northern Suburbs and Southern Suburbs, and see our services as integral in creating “healthy” bodies corporate, HOAs or share block schemes.

Our management is not restricted to Cape Town’s borders with a number of properties under management being along the West Coast as far as Clanwilliam.

Our management team consists of staff with a wide range of skills allowing for a holistic approach to management with regular upskilling of team to ensure our ability to stay abreast of changes to applicable legislation such as the Sectional Title Scheme Management Act of 2011 and the Community Scheme Ombudsman Service.   

We have the ability to provide a tailor-made management package to the benefit of the individual scheme’s benefit. We highlight our management services below, which are all incorporated in a fixed monthly fee. Our fees are an all-inclusive with the exception of additional charges for after-hour meetings. 

  • Assistance to the developer in the establishment of the scheme from developmental/inaugural phase
  • Preparation of annual income and expenditure budgetary requirements for each financial year end
  • Levy collection and debtor’s control
  • Accounting processes streamlined through an efficient property software program
  • Cash flow and levy roll statements submitted to trustees on a monthly basis
  • Assistance with insurance cover, claims and insurance valuations
  • Advising on sectional title/home owners/share block requirements and procedural matters
  • Preparation and circulation of the annual general meeting notices and all supporting documentation
  • Assistance with the arrangements of special general meetings and trustees meetings
  • Assistance with repairs and maintenance to the common property areas

Steer & Company is a registered member of both NAMA and the Estate Agency Affairs Board.


Email : colin@steer.co.za or Call: 021 4261026