We have been hard at work

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We have been hard at work.

At Steer, we are hard at work having undertaken some positive changes to improve our service offering. Firstly, we have recently migrated our email system over to Office 365. Previously we utilised an onsite exchange system, but have now moved over to the cloud, which has become more efficient and secure. This will result in a more efficient, secure and professional service delivery. A big thank you to our IT company ITBlue ( for their assistance and guidance in this regard.

A few years ago, we refurbished part of our office space which included the Residential and Commercial management divisions. This freed up sought-after office space and allowed us to install efficient filing systems with the help of Tidy Files ( The decision was taken to extend the renovation to the Sectional Title and Valuation divisions, the result being that our staff now enjoy a spacious work environment with new furniture, filing systems and a more reliable network and phone installation. Garth Dorr of Nuwave ( provided a professional project management service in this regard.

Finally and perhaps most importantly we have started implementing a new property management system. MDA was recently purchased by an international holding company who also purchased our current software company Propsys. This 'merge' has made a seamless transition possible and our staff have been hard at work migrating from Propsys to MDA. Like our email system, MDA will be hosted on the cloud and some of the improvements include an online portal for clients where they can access their owner and tenant statements etc. More detail can be found on MDA's website .

The expected rollout of MDA will result in invoices being issued late November 2018 due for payment 1 December 2018. The December financial period will be reported to owners / trustees / directors in the MDA format during the month of December. We will keep all clients informed during this important implementation phase to ensure effective communication.

We could not successfully implement these changes without our staff being committed to change which enhances our clients' experience of our service. Without the positive approach from our staff we would not be in this position to move the business forward for which we are grateful and thank every staff member for their time and perseverance during this transition period.

Author: David Porter

Submitted 28 Nov 18 / Views 885